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Chief Product and Technology Officer

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Rohini Kasturi is a paragon of innovation and leadership within the SaaS domain. Esteemed as a C-Suite executive and board member, he has significantly influenced the trajectory of various public, private, and venture-backed companies. His strategic focus on customer needs and his profound knowledge of security, observability, SaaS platform ecosystems, data analytics, generative AI, and autonomous solutions have remarkably raised the bar in industry standards.

He has been pivotal as EVP and Chief Product Officer at SolarWinds, a renowned IT management software company. Personally chosen by the CEO for this role, he has efficiently managed product development, engineering, user experience, and analytics, transforming the company's structure towards a SaaS model and achieving impressive year-over-year growth in key business metrics.

His professional journey includes a significant tenure at Pulse Secure as the Chief Product and Development Officer. Here, he doubled the company's bookings by innovating the Zero-Trust Security Portfolio and played a critical role in its acquisition by Ivanti. Before this, as the VP/GM of Cloud and Data Management BU at Veritas Technologies, he launched the first multi-cloud data and information management SaaS platform, demonstrating his forward-thinking approach. He is also the founder of Avni.io, a venture in cloud virtualization technology, which Veritas later acquired.

His business intelligence is evident in his strategic planning and portfolio management, which have been instrumental in scaling SaaS businesses, overseeing acquisitions, and steering companies through transformative phases.

He is renowned for his empathetic and results-oriented leadership style, contributing significantly as a cyber-tech board member, advisor, and committee leader. His visionary contributions to the SaaS industry have earned him numerous accolades, including over 20 patents.

He masterminded the shift from perpetual licensing to a subscription-first model, enhancing the company's value proposition. He has meticulously managed the customer journey, focusing on product-led growth to improve user engagement. Under his stewardship, the Thwack developer community expanded significantly.

His proactive engagement with boards has been crucial in refining product strategies and aligning them with evolving market trends for continual growth. His close collaboration with go-to-market leaders has accelerated sales and improved customer satisfaction scores.

His strategic partnerships with industry giants and engagement with top clients have solidified his position as a thought leader. His innovative approach extends to product marketing, where his strategies have significantly boosted the company's top-line growth.

Internally, he prioritizes talent development and has led robust responses to critical incidents like the SolarWinds attack, emphasizing security and transparency. His leadership in establishing a Cyber and Tech committee within the Board has been a game-changer in enhancing security protocols.

His Pulse Secure and Veritas Technologies tenure showcases his exceptional capability to drive substantial corporate transformations and nurture key enterprise relationships.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, he has further honed his skills through executive programs at Stanford and Harvard. He is also pursuing certification with the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Kasturi's remarkable journey exemplifies his ability to drive growth, profitability, and innovative solutions, marking him as a distinguished leader and advisor in the SaaS sector.

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Rohini Kasturi

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